Students at 六合开奖记录 have been taking part in the Fylde Sand Dune Project since the spring of 2021.

The Fylde sand dunes are an important feature of the coastline, covering approximately 80 hectares between Starr Gate in the north and Lytham in the south. Unfortunately, over the past 150 years, more than 80% of our sand dunes have been lost. This loss is mainly due to the urban expansion of our coastal towns. However, while much depleted, the remaining dunes along the Fylde coast make up more than 90% of Lancashire’s sand dunes, and still form the most significant part of the Borough’s coastal defence. It is therefore important that we protect and conserve this valuable asset to our coastline.

Students from the academy were invited to support once more at the start of February and help plant the unwanted Christmas trees along the shoreline to act as defenses against storms and sea surges.